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Development Update

It's been a while since our last update, but there have been a lot of changes! The progress on the new site is moving forward, slowly but surely. The bases have had a lot of progress! All Quarter Horse colors are now available in the foal, yearling, and adult lineart! I have also added a good bit of tack to the adult horse. My schedule always changes, but I definitely think that this part of the site will be made available to all of my current testers by December 20th. That gives me a little bit of buffer room after finals are over for me to clean it up and send it out to everyone. I look forward to you guys getting to play with the real site!


Foal Images Update

The foal images for Quarter Horses are almost complete! We are currently missing: Pearl, Champagne, Sooty, and Pangere. Once these are done, Quarter Horses will be implemented into the game! After that will come Paint Horses and then following them, Appaloosa's. The Stock Horse Foundation will be created with Halter horses in mind first, so be ready to create your first horses to compete in Halter!


New Site Template

As of today, we are starting to work on a new site template! The last design left a lot to be desired, so I think this one will let us have a much better start to the site! I am looking for a lot of help on the design so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!